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SHE is our protagonist at HUSHT. We are inspired by her stories; stories of strong, fierce and free spirited women living their authentic truths. Women who are not defined by traditional notions of womanhood, women who despite all obstacles, find a way to follow their heart. Whether we are mothers, daughters, partners or friends, our common truth is our resilience and what deeply connects us, is the journey of self-discovery, the journey to becoming the woman we want to be.  Herein lies the inspiration behind HUSHT. 


At different stages of our lives, we experience moments of intimacy and reflection when our souls awaken to feelings of awe and wonder. These moments are personal and different for every woman, moments that change not who she is but how she sees the world. At HUSHT., lighting a candle is more than a simple strike of a match, our intention is to help you create an atmosphere that encourages you to take moments for your soul to replenish, moments to reconnect with your sensuality and moments to breathe into what has been, what is and what can be. 


HUSHT. candles are nature-inspired, luxury hand-poured wooden wicked candles. Vegan and cruelty free, our candles are made without petroleum and burn cleanly without any toxins. Our wax is a natural blend of coconut + apricot creme wax making it a renewable resource and our wooden wicks are sourced from Forest Stewardship Council certified mills for sustainable, natural and eco-conscious wicking. Our premium fragrance oils are blended with fine essential oils from around the world and are phthalate and paraben free. Our scents encompass a range of complex and sophisticated notes, soothing and sensual to help you create your desired atmosphere. Our candles are intentionally and aesthetically designed to perfectly fit into any space in your home. 


We know that YOU do not purchase products simply based on functionality, but are looking for products that provide you with direct benefits, specifically when it comes to your health, well-being and the environment. This is what sets us apart, we are committed to creating clean-burning candles as well as home and body products that are natural and hand crafted with the highest quality ingredients, void of any harsh chemicals and toxins. Our intention is to promote and encourage your habits of ethical consumption by continuously 

researching and sourcing the highest grade of ethically produced ingredients. In every step from creation to packaging, our aim is to remain a zero waste, no plastic company. 


Intrinsic to our values is our commitment to listen, engage and give back to our local and global community. Through our many travels we have learned that different communities relate to nature in their own way but what unites us is our inherent desire to make the world a better place. At HUSHT., we intentionally create our products using sustainable practices because not only are we inspired by nature but we are also inspired to give back to nature. 

We believe as a small business, we have a responsibility to do our part and are committed to continue encouraging ethical consumption by using our products and voices as a tool to promote environmental awareness as well as local and global stewardship. We have committed to follow the 1% model and donate 1% of all of our sales to local and global initiatives that serve to protect and preserve our natural environment.




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